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Chuck Reeve, PhD
Matthews, NC, May 2012
You may not remember me, but Dr. Jaben did my ICL surgery at the end of May last year. I recently had my 6-month follow up with my regular eye doctor (Sam Hobbs) and I just wanted to let you and Dr. Jaben know that my vision is still a perfect 20/20 in both eyes! I haven't had any issues at all since the day I walked out of the surgery; it’s like getting a new shot at life without a handicap. It really has changed my life. I tell everyone I know about it and recommend him to anyone who might benefit from it. Please pass on my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Jaben and the other members of his team (and of course yourself!). 
 Laura Barnhart
Charlotte, NC, October 2012
Dr. Jaben spent time explaining my procedure until I fully understood all aspects.  The surgery team and the experience was fantastic.  Follow up appointments and information are very helpful and I have never been rushed.  Very happy with the results, Dr. Jaben, and Karon Petty.

Jennifer J. Garrett, Ph.D.
Winthrop University
ICL surgery, May 2008

Due to extreme nearsightedness (-8.25 in each eye), a slight astigmatism, and thin corneas, I was not a LASIK candidate. This was very disappointing news, but there was one alternative: Implantable Contact Lenses. I was not familiar with this procedure. In fact, it seemed a bit invasive and dangerous. After having many conversations with Dr. Scott Jaben and his staff, I was convinced this was the right option for me. I was hopeful again.
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William “Britt” McCarter
Charlotte, NC, February 2012
My eyesight has been bad since I was 7 years old. Over the years, it gradually worsened to the point that without glasses or contacts, I could not see beyond 6 inches away. I could not wake during the night and see anything, so I continually wore contacts day and night. Realizing this caused problems, I went to CEENTA and saw several doctors. I was not a candidate for any help other than contact lens implants. Dr. Jaben and his staff did a wonderful job preparing me for my surgery and educating me on the process/risks/procedures. During the surgical process, every staff member was kind and caring which made a scary day so much easier. Follow-up has continued to be as great. The surgery itself is nothing less than a miracle!

Jeff Gross
Charlotte, NC, April 2011
Seven months ago, my life changed. I could see without the aid of glasses or contacts and I owe my thanks to Dr. Jaben and his staff. I felt very confident in my surgeon because of his thorough education and genuine care throughout the process. His staff is exceptionally friendly and always available for questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Jaben for anyone needing eye surgery.

Hann Nott
Financial Analyst
Charlotte, NC, February 2011
Dr. Jaben, Karon Petty, and the rest of the staff were a pleasure to work with! They provided more than enough information during the initial consultations and spent all of the time that I required to answer the additional questions I had. I see great with no more dry eyes and dirty contacts!

Rachel Kenny
Colne, England
Teaching Assistant, August 2009
Before surgery, I had worn contact lenses and glasses for nearly 10 years. Now I am free from all that and feel like I have started a new life. A life free of the hassle and pain of poor vision. Swimming, holidays, and mornings are much easier and happier occasions. Thank you!

Marjorie F., 50 years old
Administrative Assistant
Charlotte, NC September 2008
Marjorie's vision before ICL surgery: Right eye:-14.50 sphere (no astigmatism) Left eye:-15.00 sphere (no astigmatism) Marjorie wears reading glasses to see up close due to presbyopia that occurs in everyones mid-40s.
Marjorie's vision after surgery: 20/30 distance vision, both eyes. She continues to wear reading glasses to see up close.

All my life, I did not have a choice for vision correction; it was either coke bottle glasses or hard contacts. Because of my extreme nearsightness, I was not a good candidate for Lasik. When I read about ICL surgery, I thought this is too good to be true. Choosing ICL surgery has been a life-changing experience. For the first time in 44 years, I am no longer dependent on glasses or contacts. My vision is clear and sharp - something I never experienced before. I am thrilled with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Jaben and his team for anyone interested in ICL surgery. Thank you Dr. Jaben for giving me vision that I had only dreamed of.

Stephen Benner
Aircraft Mechanic
Charlotte, NC, July 2008
I have recommended Scott (Dr. Jaben) to others. I am very pleased with the surgery.

Kelly Hill, Albemarle, NC
Health Information Management, February 2008
"Through the Eyes of a Child"
This is how I feel. Never have I seen so well since my childhood. It is great this Christmas season looking at all the Christmas lights through the eyes of a child again! No messy contact solution, no blurry vision from dirty contacts, and no allergy breakouts from the Christmas tree. Dr. Jaben and his staff were absolutely wonderful to me during the ICL process from pre-op to post-op. My vision is perfect too. Your team is dedicated to serving your patients and you have never made me feel so special and cared for.

Sylvia Grooms, MA, LCAS, Bennettsville, SC
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, April 2008
I have worn glasses since I was 6-years-old. Can you imagine being in first grade and the only kid in class wearing glasses? They were brown and slanted like cat eyes. The kids used to pick on me and call me four eyes and cat eyes. When I turned 16, I got my first job and was determined to save my money to buy contact lenses. When I turned 17, I bought my first pair. I wore contacts for 17 years. The last 5 were off and on because I started having lots of problems with my eyes drying out. I eventually stopped altogether and started wearing glasses all the time. I was severely nearsighted, so you can imagine the thickness of my lenses. I would always pay extra to have the thinnest lenses made. Last year, at age 43, I had to add bifocals. What a nightmare. I could not get used to them. I realized it was time to do something different. I considered LASIK and talked with my optometrist about it. He suggested I get screened to see if I was a candidate. I was also given information on other forms of vision correction. The ICL information caught my eye. I read it and said "wow" this is the way to go. I researched physicians in NC and SC who performed this procedure. When I came across Dr. Jaben's website and read his resume, I knew he was the doctor for me. I have been extremely satisfied with my new eyes. I feel like a new person. Freedom from glasses has given me a whole new outlook on life. Dr. Jaben is wonderful. He was with me from consultation throughout surgery and aftercare. He called me at home after the procedure to personally check on me. Most doctors have their assistants call. This was personal care on a level that you don't normally see. Thank you Dr. Jaben for my new life...I will be forever grateful.

Jennifer Garrett, Ph.D., Fort Mill, SC
Research/Program Development Coordinator/Education
May 2008
I can't say enough about how ICL has changed my life. I've been in contacts for 20 years, since I was 9 years old. Now, I'm free of contacts and glasses and I couldn't be happier about it! I want to thank Dr. Jaben and his wonderful surgical team. They were professional, courteous, and genuinely concerned about my well-being. To demonstrate how wonderful and safe ICL surgery is, a month after I had the procedure, I was swimming in the Caribbean Sea! Thanks again...Jennifer Garrett

Scott Baugher, Charlotte, NC
Project Manager, December 2007
The ICL procedure has been a true gift for me. After wearing glasses and contacts for 30+ years, I can now have the freedom to enjoy all my activities without restrictions at any time. Dr. Jaben and his team could not have been more professional and supportive.I was very impressed and highly recommend them to others.

Mike Cox, Charlotte, NC
Fire Fighter / EMT, October 2007
I was in dire need to have my vision corrected. Contacts irritated my eyes and eye drops were always needed. I was also beginning to get eye infections more frequently. Eye glasses did not allow me to see well either. I got headaches from constantly straining to see. As a fire fighter, glasses were a difficult option, especially with my prescription and at night. Implantable contacts allow me to see with healthy eyes and in all conditions. It has brought my confidence level up with regards to being able to see in all situations at work. Thank you Dr. Jaben! 

Laurel Pavlichko, Clover, SC
Nurse, ICL Surgery July 2007
This surgery is amazing. I am so happy with my results. I had worn glasses/contacts since age 4 and now I see 20/20. I was very nervous to have surgery that wasn't deemed medically necessary, but I experienced no complications and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thanks to Dr. Jaben and his staff. Everyone was so nice and answered all my questions.

Anna Maria Medvid, Charlotte,NC
VP Business Development, ICL Surgery February 2007
I am so pleased with the outcome of my ICL surgery. The entire process was explained thoroughly so I always knew what to expect. The results are fantastic. I have excellent (20/20) vision and no longer have irritated eyes from wearing contacts. Dr. Jaben and his team are very patient-focused, accommodating, and professional. Thanks for everything!

Jamie Keradman, Charlotte, NC
Advertising Coordinator, ICL Surgery January 2007
I can't even begin to put into words how my life has changed since my ICL procedure. My eyesight is wonderful and even more, I can see the alarm clock at night. Dr. Jaben and his staff have been so great. They are very thorough. I would recommend them to anyone. The surgery was quick and painless. I am so happy!

Dean Nestvogel, Kannapolis, NC
Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager, ICL Surgery January 2007
Dr. Jaben and his staff provided very professional service during the entire ICL process while maintaining a personable and caring atmosphere. He was very upfront two years ago when he turned me down for LASIK surgery but suggested that ICL might be a good option and would be available within a few years. I was glad to get the call from him last fall and life hasn't "seen" the same since! Awesome! Thank you for a new set of eyes.

Thomas McComb, Charlotte, NC
College Student, ICL Surgery January 2007
I wore contact lenses for 8 years and was not a candidate for laser vision correction due to my nearsightedness. I had the ICL surgery and now I don't have to worry about contact lens maintenance and my vision is perfect. I am very thankful.

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