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We have a complimentary two appointment process to determine your candidacy for laser vision correction.

Your first appointment is a one-hour LASIK screening performed at TLC Laser Eye Center located in the same building as Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates SouthPark Office on Fairview Road (see Maps and Directions section on this website).

Your second appointment is a meeting with Dr. Jaben at one of his Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates offices. At this appointment, he will review your screening data, perform a dilated LASIK exam, and discuss your surgery options. This is also your time to ask questions and get to know your surgeon.

Dr. Jaben attends to his private practice in ophthalmology at the offices of Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates at SouthPark and in Monroe. Your laser vision correction surgery and one-day postoperative exam are performed at the TLC Laser Eye Center, all other postoperative visits after laser surgery are performed by Dr. Jaben at one of his offices.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Please review the section on INTRALASIK on this website and associated links. Please read the informed consents for LASER VISION CORRECTION thoroughly before your evaluation exam at TLC and your appointment with Dr. Jaben. The informed consent is rather lengthy, but it's full of important information and must be signed before surgery.

For your laser vision correction procedure please PRINT and READ the Master Consent Form.

The LASIK treatment you and Dr. Jaben choose, IntraLASIK (flap) or PRK (surface), determines which consent form you read. You may want to familiarize yourself with both if you are unsure which surgery Dr. Jaben will recommend to you. Lasik Informed Consent Form or PRK Consent Addendum.

For a re-treatment procedure (also called an enhancement procedure), please PRINT and READ the Lasik Enhancement Consent Form.

You may INITIAL all blocks on the consent forms where indicated. We will review any uncertain areas during your appointment.

BRING these consent forms to your discussion session with Dr. Jaben.

Please write down your questions as you review this material at home so we can address them at your appointments. Your evaluation at TLC will take approximately 1hour. Your second appointment will be approximately 1 hour with Dr. Jaben at his office and includes a dilated exam. All questions you have will be answered at that time.

We look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations with INTRALASIK Laser Vision Correction.
copyright Scott L. Jaben, M.D.