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Laser Vision Correction Payment Options

Laser Vision Correction is an investment in your vision. Studies have shown that you will probably spend more over your lifetime for glasses and contact lenses and their care than for INTRALASIK surgery. All LASIK surgeries are performed at the TLC Laser Eye Center.

The two complimentary preoperative INTRALASIK EVALUATION appointments are performed at the TLC Laser Eye Center and at Dr. Jaben's office (sorry, prescriptions are not provided for glasses or contact lenses during these appointments).

If you wear contact lenses, it is required that you leave them out prior to your evaluation exam and surgery. Please follow the guidelines listed below based on which type of contact lenses you presently wear.
o Soft contacts, not sleeping in them.....out 1 week
o Soft contacts, sleeping in them every night.....out 2 weeks
o Soft, toric lenses...........out 2 to 3 weeks
o Hard contact lenses (gas perm)......out 4-6 weeks
o Glasses.....can go at anytime

TLC has one price for Custom IntraLASIK. Click here to see pricing.

Methods of Payment
Payment in full to TLC is expected on the day of surgery. If you have any questions about pricing or financing, call TLC, 704/344-0474. TLC partners with Chase Health Advance to offer patients financing options for their Laser Vision Correction. Just click on the link here: The ID number is 32542. The web site is a secure and easy way to apply for your financing. Once approved, your paperwork will be here on the day of your procedure for you to sign and activate your loan.

If you should have any pricing questions, please call TLC's Charlotte office at 704/344-0474. They will be happy to explain your options. Thank you for choosing our practice for your laser vision correction experience.

Scott L. Jaben, MD
copyright Scott L. Jaben, M.D.